We believe in getting everyone in the water. Budding athletes who need to develop their talent. Champions on their way to the finish line. Regular swimmers during routine training sessions. It's why we make unrivalled waterwear across the board. It's why we support athletes, clubs and federations and sponsor events around the world.

Everybody has their own personal inspiration for getting in the water. Doing something good for your body. Witnessing a legendary performance in the pool. Wanting to beat your own personal record. Doing exercise you can do for a lifetime. Immersing yourself in an aquatic playground where you can unleash your potential. Horst Dassler's inspiration was Mark Spitz. At the 1972 Olympics Spitz made history swimming his way to seven Olympic gold medals and setting the world record in all seven events. One year later in 1973 Dassler launched Arena with cutting-edge competitive swimwear. He knew there was a way to better equip swimmers and recruited world class athletes to study how to improve their performance. The end result was a revolutionary ultra-light fabric called Skinfit designed to fit a swimmer’s body like a second skin.

Forty years later we're still true to that dream. We work with research centres, universities and athletes to discover how to make you swim better and faster. Our waterwear design and materials are in constant evolution. In 2009 Time Magazine named our Powerskin X-Glide one of the 50 Best Inventions of the Year. In 2012 we broke new ground in swimsuit technology with Powerskin Carbon-Pro. We've expanded our innovation today to meet the needs of all members of the swimming and water sports community.

We support your inspiration day after day, month after month, year after year.


We are compelled to evolve. It's in our DNA. With evolution comes innovation, and innovation means trying something new.

Over four decades ago we set out on a quest to develop the fastest and most durable products for competitive and recreational swimming. This meant doing research where others hadn't: fluid dynamics, textiles and bio-mechanics. We also did something else new. We made professional swimmers key members of our R&D. With them we investigated their needs and movement in the water and transformed this knowledge into swimwear and gear with superior performance and value. The winning combination of advanced research and the input of athletes continues to be a hallmark of what we do.

We have made amazing discoveries about underwater performance and hydrodynamic design: how to reduce friction and drag, increase buoyancy, regulate body temperature, optimize muscle compression to cut down on fatigue, improve stability while swimming. But our innovation has also taken us in other directions. We study fabric resilience, durability and UV protection, suit construction, body support and shaping for the female figure. We engineer designs for triathlons, where competitors face more than just one element.

From the early days of the sport with swimmers only using breaststroke to competitions today with sixteen separate events. From wool swimsuits to tiny briefs to high-tech full body suits. Swimming and swimwear have progressed enormously over time. And we continue to evolve with the sport and its athletes.


We are 60% water. Water covers more than two-thirds of the earth we live on. Oceans, rivers and lakes, ice caps and glaciers, vapour in the air and moisture in the ground. Without water we would not survive.

Our instinct to swim in it runs deep. Floating figures on caves show our earliest ancestors moving across water. It is part of our collective imagination and innermost emotions. When we swim we feel the purity and power of water. Our connection with it is visceral.

Unleash your instinct. We understand it. We work to cultivate it.

We can speed up your swimming. We can maximize your performance. We can give you the confidence to dive in the pool or make the finish line. We can make the difference in your training. We will be with you at every step of your underwater journey: when you hit the water for the first time, when you set out to train and improve, when you race your heart out.

Feel at one with the water. Be in your element.