the new Powerskin Carbon Flex
Our Carbon family
has a new member:
the Powerskin
Carbon Flex

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to unleash your power

The only racing suit integrating a carbon cage:
carbon fibre locks down when and where a critical stress
is reached while retaining the suit's elasticity

carbon flex
carbon flex logo
Ideal for
long distances,
breaststroke and
individual medley
Strategic placement of low profile bonded seams and elasticized tapes is designed to store potential energy, which is released during dives, kicks and turns to maximize efficiency, power and speed
carbon pro
carbon pro logo
Ideal for
short distances,
and butterfly
All the power and speed of intelligent compression. Externally seamless, two panel construction, with strategic placement of seams in the hips and thighs, helps maximizing the swimmer's performance
Colours available
Colours available

For existing and future champions

A 3-stage benefits
for competitive swimmers

Prior to the race

Prior to the race

  • Mechanical resistance and extraordinary durability
  • Perfect fit
Prior to the race

On the blocks

  • Mechanical resistance and extraordinary durability
  • Outstanding intelligent compression
Prior to the race

During the race

  • Power return during dive kicks and turns
  • Extraordinary intelligent compression
  • Core stabilization and streamlined position in the water, for maximum efficiency in leg kickfit

Arena Powerskin
Carbon Flex
sets the pool on fire!

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Our athletes
talk about
the carbon flex

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The technical features
and benefits of Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro
and Arena Powerskin Carbon flex revealed.

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