You dive in amidst the currents, swimming strongly through the water. You cut through the wind, pedalling hard on two wheels. You crush the earth as you run, beat-after-beat for miles. You know it isn't easy, but you can do it. You know that each and every race is a chance to see how you match up to others, but first and foremost to yourself. You prepare the event down to every last detail: you watch what you eat and take care of your equipment and everything you need to ensure you stay hydrated during the race; it all has to be perfect. You focus; you visualise the route through to the finish line and think it will be a great day. Even if you stand amongst a great many athletes, you know you are alone. When you start off, the tension disappears, the muscles kick in and adrenalin levels rise. The only tactic available is to listen to your body: push, slow down, push, slow down, always at peak concentration. Even if tiredness starts to kick-in and breathing becomes more difficult, you're on a high because the real satisfaction comes from giving it your best. Right through to the finishing line.

power skin carbon pro


Arena is always with you, whatever the training you choose: in sprints and short distances you can count on the Powerskin Carbon Pro, the revolutionary new product that improves muscle compression to exalt your performance as a triathlete, thanks to the bonded seams and panel shape. Technical qualities that improve hydrodynamics and reduce drag in swimming, offering better support for the quadriceps and guaranteeing no rubbing on the bicycle, ensuring complete freedom of movement, comfort and support when running.

power skin st


For long distances and training, put yourself in the hands of Powerskin ST, with a high percentage of Xtra Life Lycra. The X-Raptor is a powerful, highly-resistant fabric that gives excellent muscle compression. Its qualities can be seen from the outset, thanks to the high quality zip for quicker opening, the flatlock stitched seams and the padding. Characteristics that when swimming, ensure elasticity without absorbing water, on the bicycle ensure minimum bulk, allowing an unrestricted forward tuck position and in running, reduce fatigue with specially-designed muscle support. Moreover, the mesh inserts make for maximum breathability.

WETSUIT thriathlon

Finally, the triwetsuit created using five different types of neoprene, cut shorter on the legs to make it easier to remove when exiting the water. The slick surface of the neoprene and the provided buoyancy improve hydrodynamics, reducing drag.