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Free shipping on all orders above €49.90 30 Days Free Returns
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Men's Swimsuits & Sportswear


Racing swimwear

Give your ultimate underwater performance with our racing swimsuits. arena's range of men's competitive swimwear is engineered for different strokes and racing needs with the latest high-tech fabrics and patented designs. With reduced drag, intelligent compression, maximum mobility and a streamlined surface, swim faster than you ever have before.

Racing swimwear collection

Training swimwear

Train like a champion in the most innovative jammers, shorts and briefs whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional. Revolutionary textiles with built-in durability and unrivalled chlorine resistance developed for the wear and tear of active swim sessions. Find the right suit for your routine with arena's variety of training swimwear styles.

Training swimwear collection

Omizu Collection

Our Asia-inspired Omizu collection embraces ancient and contemporary Eastern arts and it takes its name from the kanji logogram for water. arena heritage designs meet Japanese streetwear! Discover our jackets, t-shirts, swimsuits and swim caps created in partnership with graphic designer Electric Peo.

Omizu Collection collection


Our collection of relaxed styles, cuts and designs for catching some waves or some rays. On trend athletic beachwear for men with the quality and performance you expect from arena. Our innovative fabrics dry quickly and provide ultimate UV protection for long days at the beach.

Beachwear collection
Most popular Beachwear

Sports Apparel

Make working out no sweat with arena's sports apparel for men. Our performance-enhancing activewear covers you head to toe with state-of-the-art designs and details that make a difference in your training: strategic muscle support and compression, breathable moisture-wicking fabrics, separates for layering so you can exercise any time of year.

Sports Apparel collection
Most popular Sports Apparel

arena Icons

Every arena Icons product comes with a story. Because its design comes from an original ‘70s model. Same outfits, same spirit. We don’t need restyling. Because you can’t restyle authenticity. Because you can’t build it in a day. Because you don’t become an icon in a day.

arena Icons collection

Triathlon wetsuits

Experience the thrill of dominating the open waters wearing an arena triathlon wetsuit. Whichever model you choose, you will always have the utmost freedom of movement, which, combined with cutting-edge arena technology, will provide you with unequalled stability and buoyancy. Thanks to super-thin elastic Neoprene where required, you will get the hydrodynamic effect you are looking for. Top-level performance and extreme comfort guaranteed!

Triathlon wetsuits collection
Most popular Triathlon wetsuits


The spotlights have just gone off, but perhaps you would like to carry on feeling the excitement of big events? Well in that case you have come to the right place to satisfy the waterinstinct in you: in this section you will find all the merchandising goods and articles connected with official competitions and major swimming events. Discover our wide range of unisex clothes  and accessories.

Merchandising collection
Most popular Merchandising

Let it beat

Whatever your passion is, we’re celebrating it with a collection of unique designs. Our Let it Beat training suits and accessories combine two things we’re known for: performance know-how and bold prints. The perfect swim equipment may just be at the end of the rainbow. Discover our brand new collection for men!

Let it beat collection