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Free shipping on all orders above €84.90 60 Days Free Returns
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Women's Swimsuits & Sportswear


Racing swimwear

arena's racewear for women is made to perform. With cutting-edge technology and hydrodynamic construction our competitive swimsuits maximize speed and mobility underwater. Find the design tailored to your swimming style for a medal-winning performance on game day.

Racing swimwear collection

Training swimwear

Ultramodern designs in resilient high-tech fabrics that perform and fit like new. From classic suits to bold creations, from uber-feminine to super-ergonomic styles, discover our collection of training and fitness swimwear for women that reduces water resistance and wears like a second skin.

Training swimwear collection
Most popular Training swimwear


Dare to bare your rebellious side, you no longer have to choose between sporty and sexy. arena RuleBreaker is the training bikini that compromises on nothing. Designed specifically for swimmers and sport lovers, using long lasting fabric that endures even the toughest of training sessions, time and time again. Discover our mix & match collection!

RuleBreaker collection


Upgrade your seaside look with arena's beachwear for women. Our designs are the perfect fusion of fashion and function for soaking up sun at your favourite swim spot. With built-in UV protection and a sporty aesthetic find the pieces that will take you from swimming in the surf to dancing at beach parties.

Beachwear collection

Shaping swimwear - Bodylift

With patented shapewear fabrics, sartorial design and strategic body-enhancing details, arena's shaping swimsuits can transform any woman's figure. Our Bodylift swimwear is designed for serious underwater workouts, chlorine and sun, but is chic enough for poolside lounging. Swim confidently in our collection of streamlined designs.

Shaping swimwear - Bodylift collection
Most popular Shaping swimwear - Bodylift

Sports Apparel

Our fitness separates for women are the perfect athletic layers for working out year round. arena's innovative designs combine support tailored to a woman's physique, optimum breathability and compression where you need it. Gear up top down in durable activewear that delivers comfort with style.

Sports Apparel collection
Most popular Sports Apparel

Recovery Compression Apparel

Prepare for your hardest swim, recover from it faster and prevent injuries while you're on the pool deck. The first line of compression gear designed specifically for swimmers. Athlete-tested designs integrating arena's carbon fibre technology with strategic silicone taping for enhanced compression and support where intensive swimmers need it most. Wear pre and post performance to warm up effectively and recover quickly from fatigue. The new kit for maximum care of your body out of the pool.

Recovery Compression Apparel collection
Most popular Recovery Compression Apparel

arena Icons

arena Icons is the right choice for those that dare to be authentic. The arena Icons range is designed to be comfortable and to perfectly fit the body figure for an amazing look. Each garment comes with the dynamic team stripe.

arena Icons collection


arena's trisuits and triathlon separates for women are designed for every leg of your race and training routine. The most advanced materials, intelligent compression and streamlined design increase speed underwater and on land while keeping your body temperature comfortable on your way to the finish line.

Triathlon collection
Most popular Triathlon


Improve your race times: arena wetsuits are designed to provide stability and just the right body position in the water. Every model adapts perfectly to your body like a second skin, allowing you to perform at your very best. Try them for yourself, arena’s technological innovation offers superior flexibility and excellent buoyancy.

Wetsuits collection
Most popular Wetsuits


arena's athletic intimates for women provide ultimate support and comfort. State-of-the-art sports bras in a range of impact-level designs and briefs offering feminine style and freedom of movement. Made of breathable fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin, get the optimum exercise experience with undergarments designed for the rigours of any woman's workout.

Underwear collection
Most popular Underwear