Pre & Post Performance Compression Apparel
Game Changing Gear

Prepare for your hardest swim, recover from it faster and prevent injuries while you're on the pool deck. Introducing the first line of compression gear designed specifically for swimmers.
Athlete-tested designs integrating Arena's carbon fibre technology with strategic silicone taping for enhanced compression and support where intensive swimmers need it most. Wear pre and post performance to warm up effectively and recover quickly from fatigue.
The new kit for maximum care of your body out of the pool.

Perform better, train harder. Today, tomorrow, forever.

I really like the compression wear, it really does help me recover much faster before a race. It isn’t restrictive in any way and allows me to move freely.

Adam Peaty

I really like the compression wear, it really does help me recover much faster before a race. It isn’t restrictive in any way and allows me to move freely.

Adam Peaty

Specifically designed for Swimmers and our v-shaped bodies, the arena Compression Suit is ‘form hugging’ and assists with my recovery far greater than any other compression suit I tried.

Cameron van der Bourgh

Arena’s compression wear helps me feel a lot looser and better in myself, especially when I’m training really hard or racing, when I’m super tired. It makes me feel good in all the places that you need to recover.

Chad Le Clos

Not only does the compression wear look super cool but it also allows me to recover at my best and recovery is essential to swimming!

Ruta Meilutyte

The new compression garments are fantastic! I feel their immediate effect on my muscles the moment I put them on, in particular the peripheral. I typically wear them between races in both the morning and afternoon, but I wear them also before and after training. They allow me to recover faster and to feel immediately better.

Gregorio Paltrinieri

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Scientific Results

In a two-year study conducted by the School of Biotechnology & Motor Sciences at Bologna University, the effectiveness of arena’s range of recovery compression garments was compared to a normal recovery cycle without compression aids. The tests involved taking physiological measurements (e.g. blood pressure, heart rate variability) on a group of proficient swimmers both with and without the aid of compression garments after having swum 400m freestyle at maximum effort. These measurements revealed that while blood pressure under normal circumstances drops to around 90/50 mmHG after the intense exertion of the swim, wearing compression garments significantly reduces this low blood pressure effect, particularly in the first hour of recovery, when readings were on average more than 15% closer to normal than without the compression garment. Heart rate variability readings similarly showed that the body recovers far quicker with the compression garment, returning to near-normal some 20-30 minutes before a swimmer without the garment. Collectively, the findings confirmed that arena’s recovery compression garments provide significant support to the body’s post-exercise stabilizing action, speeding up recovery by as much as 20 minutes – a 30% improvement. For a swimmer competing in multiple events, getting the body back to normal as soon as possible after a swim, and ready to perform at its best, is a fundamental (if not critical) aspect of race preparation, and can undoubtedly make the difference between ending up on the podium and not.

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