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Record-breaking performance with intelligent compression and maximum efficiency

Our carbon fabric is the pinnacle of high-tech performance textiles. Carbon fibres are woven into powerful stretch material in a grid pattern. The carbon cage around the body compresses when muscles reach critical stress levels. Lightweight and resilient, its sleek surface increases speed and dries instantly. Worn by premiere athletes with legendary results, our carbon fabric is the most advanced answer to racewear, triathlon kits and compression gear.

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X-Raptor: the universal racewear fabric

Made for competitive use, X-raptor is a powerful knit fabric with integrated compression. Racewear, triathlon gear and compression kits are products we make with this innovative textile. With minimal surface drag, X-Raptor is engineered for faster swimming and long-lasting resistance to chlorinated water. From beginners to world-class champions, X-Raptor performs effectively for athletes of every level at a competitive price point.

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Engineered to last - 100% chlorine resistant

Resilience and durability in the form of a fabric. MaxLife is the ultimate textile for intensive, competitive swimmers and water polo teams. With powerful resistance to chlorine degradation, it retains shape longer and outperforms other technical materials. Enjoy the feel of a high-quality Italian fabric that moulds perfectly to the body and combats the wear and tear of serious training. Strong enough for the outdoors with built-in UV protection and quick to dry, MaxLife performs like new season after season.

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For frequent and competitive swimmers




Feels like water - 100% softeness and elasticity

MaxFit provides ultimate sensitivity in the water thanks to its high elasticity and superior softness. This fabric is ultra-comfortable and offers total freedom of movement. Developed for improved chlorine and sun resistance, MaxFit is a powerful new spandex made to last and fit longer with brilliant colour quality. The perfect performance textile for occasional and fitness swimmers.

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For occasional and fitness swimmers




Be at your best

Streamlining and sleek, Sensitive® FIT naturally sculpts and supports the body. Developed with high stretch memory Lycra for effective figure-enhancement, Sensitive® FIT is a comprehensive swimwear fabric with chlorine resistance and UV protection. Swim faster and more confidently with optimum curve control in a durable, lightweight textile with a luxurious feel.

Comfort and fit for a flattering shaping effect



Perfect fit