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Swim coaches, trainers and experts will give you all kinds of tips for performing at your best in both training and races.


Luca BorrecaLuca Borreca

An excellent swimmer when he was young, he then took up first water polo and then finswimming before focusing on teaching swimming. A swimming instructor since 2001, he is now the Head Coach and TD of a famous old Milanese swimming club. He has trained a number of both national and international standard swimmers. A very keen sportsman, he completed his first IRONMAN triathlon in Wales in September 2013.



PaoloFelottiPaolo Felotti

Paolo represented Italy several times in the 1980s and was the World and European Masters Champion in the backstroke and medley relay (he is also the World and European record holder). A swim coach and life-saving instructor, he has been part of Nuotopiù’s technical staff since 2003. He has been the Chief Coach and Trainer of the Masters team and Assistant Manager of the competitive swim team at Gonzaga Sport Club (Milan) since the 2015/2016 season.



Eugenia_PanettieriEugenia Panettieri

Although I was born in Apulia, I work in Tuscany. I am a FIN (Italian Swimming Federation) coach, FIN regional instructor for Tuscany and official judge-referee. I am deeply interested in the technical side of swimming and always on the lookout for new drills and exercises. My favourite “human subject matter” are adults and young beginners. I am totally in love with water in all its different forms. My motto is: “Really experience the water”.



Manuele TrezziManuele Trezzi

A top-class swimmer who still competes, he has taken part in and reached the finals of Italian championships, as well as winning lots of regional titles. A FIN swimming instructor and trainer, FIT fitness trainer for tennis, and a graduate in the Motor Sciences from Milan State University, he has been working all these fields since the beginning of 2013.